23 May 2023
Expanding Horizons in China

Gratitude fills our hearts as we reflect on the incredibl...

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10 Mar 2023
Exploring the Export Potential of Jackfruit and Dragon Fruit: The Rising Stars of Tropical Fruits

As Albert Howard once said, "the maintenance of the ferti...

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08 Feb 2023
Harumanis Mangoes : From Perlis to the WORLD

Harumanis, Asia's best sweet and juicy fruit that has cap...

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22 Dec 2022
airasia grocer expands business in Indonesia

Earlier this week, airasia grocer was invited to particip...

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08 Dec 2022
airasia grocer speaks at Institut Koperasi Malaysia (Sarawak)

"in any business, the value chain a.k.a ecosystem is impo...

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31 Oct 2022
Doing good with Bantu Heroes

"We cant help everyone, but everyone can help someone" - ...

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21 Aug 2022
Wellness & food aid in rural Sabah

Visiting the doctors or dentist can be a daunting task. W...

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07 Aug 2022
Weekend bagpack at Kg Orang Asli

The Weekend Backpack Program is a 12 month partnership in...

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10 Jun 2022
Local favourites available globally

A variety of local Malaysian favourites such as the Perli...

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30 May 2022
Dried seafood flown from Sabah

Flown directly from Tawau, Sabah, we have the best dried ...

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15 May 2022
Harumanis is back!

The wait is over! For all fruit lovers, the famed origina...

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02 Feb 2022
A New Generation of Farmers

Despite the governments incentives and efforts to produce...

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