21 Aug 2022

Wellness & food aid in rural Sabah

Visiting the doctors or dentist can be a daunting task. We’ve all had experiences avoiding it, hoping everything will be fine till the pain becomes unbearable and we’re in urgent need for help. To prevent such incidents and drive awareness for basic healthcare & wellness, Sejiwa Society along with the Ears, Nose and Throat (ENT) medical team of Queen Elizabeth Hospital Kota Kinabalu and Jabatan Pergigian Kota Kinabalu carried out a wellness and food aid program in Pulau Gaya, Sabah.

The team transported a large amount of food aid, medical equipments and medicines to over 150 families in hard to reach communities. The food aid items were sourced locally, from the closest suppliers & farmers and packed carefully to ensure easy handling during transportation.

The families are strongly encouraged to register for the ENT and dental check up. As an incentive to complete the check up and receive medication - the families are then provided with the food aid consisting of rice, eggs, cooking oil, flour, milk, vegetables.

Apart from Pulau Gaya, the team also supported over 100 beneficiaries in Pulau Maiga. The island is about 35 minutes away from Semporna Jetty, Sabah. The communities in Pulau Maiga are stateless families - they come from the Bajau Laut tribe (Sea Gypsies) who have been living on boats and finally settled on Maiga island. There are no motor vehicles, electricity or basic amenities on the island

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