10 Mar 2023

Exploring the Export Potential of Jackfruit and Dragon Fruit: The Rising Stars of Tropical Fruits

As Albert Howard once said, "the maintenance of the fertility of the soil is the first condition of any permanent system of agriculture." These words are especially relevant in the context of sustainable farming, to ensure that land and the surrounding environment remain healthy and productive in the long run. Recently, our team at airasia grocer had the privilege of visiting jackfruit and dragon fruit farms, where our team witnessed first-hand the dedication and commitment required to build and maintain a sustainable farm. 

The visit to the jackfruit and dragon fruit farm by our team was an enlightening experience in sustainable agriculture. The farmer's emphasis on long-term planning, patience, and a deep understanding of the land, climate, and local market conditions was crucial to the successful management of the farm. 

During the visit, Adib who is our Buyer Management Lead, had the opportunity to interact with the farmers, who provided insights on the fruits and farming methods. He was impressed by the farmers' adoption of innovative strategies that minimized their environmental impact and increased the efficiency of their operations. These strategies, including no-till methods, cover cropping, crop rotation, and integrated pest management, led to reduced water usage, improved soil health, and increased yields. Besides, the farmers collaborated with local organizations to promote education on sustainable agriculture and advocate for policy changes that support farmers.

According to Adib, the highlight of the visit was the chance to taste the jackfruit and dragon fruit right from the trees. “We were struck by the fruits' superior quality and taste compared to those found in typical grocery stores,” he said. 

The visit to the farm was an enriching experience, showcasing sustainable agriculture practices and the requisite commitment to successfully build and maintain a farm. We were impressed by the farmers' expertise and dedication to sustainable practices, in addition to the fruits' quality and flavor.