31 Oct 2022

Doing good with Bantu Heroes

"We cant help everyone, but everyone can help someone" - Ronald Reagan Bantu or also known as Bantu Heroes, is a local community friendly food aid distribution platform that connects those in need of help to the nearest food bank & volunteers. Helping the underserved is one of our core objectives over at airasia grocer. When the opportunity came for us to work with Bantu on their #MisiBantuBersama to help distribute essential food packs to numerous villages and communities facing hardship, we did not hesitate to make it happen.

Using airasia grocer's vast network of food suppliers and logistic capability - we were able to source sufficient supply of food items for these communitites and additional manpower on-site to help pack and distribute the food packs.

The distribution of the food packs went on for a whole month covering numerous locations across Sarawak, from Miri to Kuching, benefiting a total of 1,200 families. Each foodpack is packed fresh, consisting of ; a whole chicken, rice, cooking oil, eggs and other cooking essentials.

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