02 Feb 2022

A New Generation of Farmers

Despite the governments incentives and efforts to produce more agro-based entrepreneurs to tackle food security - our youth today still finds farming or agro-based enterprises less glamorous compared to other industries. However, here’s a refreshing story about a team of young farmers who are breeding one of Malaysia's Best Tiger Prawns that might change your mind about taking up farming as a career.
Hu Ting Wei, 26, and Andrew Ong, 23, both finance graduates - are proof that a new generation of farmers Is breeding Malaysia’s best tiger prawns
Hu Ting Wei, who grew up in a small town in Port Dickson, found working on a farm completely natural. While he initially had his heart set on a career in investment banking in Ireland, a series of events led Ting Wei to pursue a career in aquaculture. In hindsight, the series of events was a big blessing and Ting Wei now enjoys earning a living in aquaculture.

“I know I have a finance degree, but why stress in a nine-to-five job when I enjoy good quality of life as a prawn farmer?” said Andrew Ong.
“Young people can earn a decent living in this industry and sometimes, it’s just a matter of changing the perspective that farming is a lowly job,” said Ting Wei, who added that the thought of going back to finance hadn’t crossed his mind since he began working on the farm.
Unlike decades before, farmers are now embracing more sustainable, eco-friendly approaches to prawn farming.
For instance, the usage of probiotics - strains of beneficial bacteria - in feed pellets is one of the more advanced methods adopted by the farm to improve both water conditions and the health of the prawns, making them Malaysia's Best if not healthiest Tiger Prawns.
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